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About Fatcat COVID-19 Paper Search

This is a prototype full text search index of papers, reports, datasets, and other research resources related to the COVID-19 crisis, including public health responses to influenza pandemics more generally. The curation of content to be included is based on efforts like the "CORD-19" dataset and efforts by authorities such as the WHO and NIH Pubmed. Metadata and content comes from the existing open fatcat catalog of research outputs. See "Sources" for details.

It is hoped that with additional care and development this resource may be useful to anybody keeping up with research in this area, and particularly folks working on systemic reviews, bibliometrics, or metaresearch. However, at time of writing, this is at best a technology demonstration, not a robust piece of knowledge infrastructure.

We encourage folks to consider the following more authoriative and well-supported tools for research discovery:

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Service Disclaimers

This is not a production-supported service of the Internet Archive. The website and search API may become unavailable due to resource load, operator availability, etc. If you would like to depend on this service, please contact us.

Some content available in this index may not be "perpetually accessible" after the COVID-19 crises ends, due to temporary content licenses. The service itself ( may also not be operated after the crisis, though all of the source code and upstream metadata should be "perpetually accessible".

Additional Resources

Source code is available on Github, and bugs can be reported there as issues:

An elasticsearch API is available; see the above repo README for details.

Bulk exports of metadata and derived content are available on the Internet Archive at: