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Curated COVID-19 Sources

Works are tagged with the source of their inclusion in this COVID-19 corpus: To clarify use of the CORD-19 corpus in particular, the corpus is used only to identify papers for inclusion in this index (eg, by DOI or PMCID). Bibliographic metadata and content is then fetched from the exiting Fatcat catalog of open metadata, and full-text content is indexed from copies found on the public web, repositories, and publisher websites.


The fatcat catalog is intended to be a "universal" preservation and access archive, not a narrow currated collection of only the highest quality research content. This means that not all content has undergone peer-review, and some may have been uploaded to services like academic social networks (eg, researchgate) or institutional repositories with absolutely no human editorial review or filtering.

The catalog intends to capture metadata such as publication stage (draft, published, retracted), venue, and medium (journal article, web post, encyclopedia entry, frontmatter) to help filter through this content. But in some cases this metadata is incomplete or may be inaccurate. For example, pre-print PDF files may be incorrectly associated with the final published version of a work, or vica versa.

Sources of Metadata

The source of all bibliographic information is recorded in edit history metadata, which allows the provenance of all records to be reconstructed. A few major sources are worth highlighting here: Many thanks for the hard work of all these projects, institutions, and individuals!